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Entry for [Winter Wonderland Mapping Contest]( "Winter Wonderland Mapping Contest")


UPDATED! 16-01-2013

Changes to Beta 02

Gameplay changes:
- Moved T spawn closer to the house
- Made the cable cars easly acessible for the terrorists
- Made some areas less blocky
- Added cargo truck to provide aditional cover and trees
- Added ladder to chimney allowing for climbing
- Added extra route for terrorists
- Added Bombsite indications
- Added playerclip to stairs for smoother player navigation

Visual changes:
- Added more detail to cleaner areas
- Added reference to the GB Contest
- Adjusted some models

Performance changes:
- Improved FPS slightly

In short,
I believe these changes will benefit terrorists a bit more, 
as well as help your PC run the map smoother.

I apolagize but bots refuse to learn some of the areas,
but I'd enjoy playing multiplayer more.
I still think this could be solved by an expert though.

Thank you, have fun!
Short introduction

Here I am again, after a month of hard work, bringing you a brand new map, quite special to me as it brings good memories from maps which I inspired myself on. Talking about nipperhouse, a true classic imo, the king of fun maps. The goal for this one was simple, create a fun, fast paced double bombsite map, with multiple routes in close quarters. Quite easy to learn, but still with a nice level of know-how to master, this map was designed to be a fast paced defusal map, with many possibilities and unlimited fun.

Technical details

With many diferent aspects from other maps, features like the cable cars transporting players from terrorist spawn directly to the roof confer the map a diferent range of possibilities and tactics to blow the house up, wardrobes, storerooms and vents make it possible for the players to surprise the enemy, so beware!

Background story

The government have supposedly hidden super secret files in a remote house in the snow, belong to a former employee. Some terrorist organizations eager to get their hands on the files, what they do not know is that this is a trap, within the supposed disguises Christmas packages there are no top secret files, theres nothing, it's an ambush. But there's no going back now, terrorists must blow one of the two targets and die for the cause if needed!

Some of the best features

As mentioned above, I tried to create some inovating material, example of these are the cable cars, that are quite unique. You'll need to master the jump go get on it from T spawn, but once you get it correcly, it pays off. Allowing players to go on the roof, jumping up and down vents, fireplace and others give you many ways of navigating through the map. Breakable doors also allow diferent ways of infiltrating the house and the usage of custom content keeps the map unique on its own style. Sounds, atmosphere, radar & loading screen complement the map.

Considerably important information (taken into consideration for future versions):

  • !Fix! navigation file for bots.
  • I'll consider making an all-season version.

I need to take a rest, it's been a big journey and right now I just wanna enjoy the holidays while they last. Lots of thanks to Dr. Spud and Se7en for being great people, really help me out, also shout out to Hybrid and Rybur for testing and all the supporters. Thanks for hosting the contest, much love and happy holidays! Oh, and best wishes for 2013!

Now on the workshop!

Download 29 mb

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  • CapitalJ avatar
    CapitalJ Offline
    257 points Ranked 11170th
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    2 years ago:

    It looks like people already have the review covered, but I love the map. I can see you definitely put a lot of thought and effort into this map, and it is one of the best custom maps for CS:GO. It looks amazing, and is fun, two most important things for me. Rated 10/10

  • UNREA1 avatar
    UNREA1 avatar Offline
    36,871 points Ranked 103rd
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  • will2k avatar
    will2k avatar Offline
    21,459 points Ranked 185th
    will2k avatar
    Map Critic
    • Report icon
    2 years ago:

    Posted by UNREA1 Long reply :)

    Don't mention it :) It was my pleasure testing and reviewing the map.

    • For doors, you can always make them unbreakable to allow you to implement closed state areaportals.
    • For areaportalwindows, it's true that they can create an unfair advantage for the guys inside but this can be easily countered if you decide to use them. Simply make sure that the fade distance in the areaportalwindow properties is equal to the distance between the house entrance and the truck on the road. You may also need to add an additional cover item (like you did with the truck but not necessarily another truck; a car or some random props should be enough). This way, you'll make sure that the guys inside do not have an easy line of sight at the guys outside while ensuring at the same time, that whenever you are beyond the truck towards T spawn, nothing inside the house is rendered.
    • For bombsite B, it is a tough decision as you mentioned and this case is a constant dilemma for designers. I raised this issue because when you are the last terrorist, going to B is a suicide mission; you will not have a chance to leave the room after you plant the bomb even if you manage to kill all the CTs.
    cosa dici! avatar
    User Title
    cosa dici!
  • UNREA1 avatar
    UNREA1 avatar Offline
    36,871 points Ranked 103rd
    • Report icon
    2 years ago:

    Posted by will2k Long text

    Thanks in advance for this, I really apreciate it and look forward to improve the map on all of these points. :)

    One of the things you mentioned was that I should add open/close state to portals covering doors should which makes perfect sense because it's really easy to do and works 100% hiding eveything inside that room. The problem in this case is that all of these doors are breakable, in which case then this open and close outputs would be useless and so I decided to keep them away. The area portal windows, should have defenetely be added but it's something I don't like to mess around with too much, because otherwise players outside the house will have a great disadvantage against CTs watching from these windows. These two are the reasons why I prefered regular area portals on open state, I felt like this was the best way to balance gameplay and performance.

    All the others you mentioned on the performance department are correct and valid ways to improve on, so thank you for that.

    As for the bombsite B, I'd say that's probably the most sensitive crucial area within the map. It actually has 2 entrances, but only 1 exit. My best explanation for this is probably because it's a very easy to spam bombsite, as the 4 small windows provide enough space for terrorists to shoot from the outside and throw grenades, this already creates a big advantage for the terrorists, so knowing this I thought: well that will be quite hard to defend already, let's make it with 2 entrances, but in 1 of them there won't be a way back, that's when I created the clothes vent linking the upper area of the house directly to the underground level, which is only used to enter the bombsite. So it's kind of a trade off, you commit to go down, it's a coin toss, if you survive as terrorist and sucessfully plant the bomb you should have an easy time protecting it, if you die with the bomb, your team will have a bad time trying to get it back as Counter-Terrosits will just sit there and wait.

    Everything else you mentioned is correct and I'll try to spend some time correcting them.

    Posted by will2k Notes:

    • Don't freak out from this review as my only intention is to make this already impressive map even more impressive and nearing perfection.
    • Keep up the good work and best of luck for future projects and contests

    I'd rather read 1 post like this than 10 posts like "like it/ love it" because with this I can actually improve the map, and I really really wanna thank you for taking time of your day to do this, it means a lot to me and shows me some people care to help me to get better and better.

    Thanks again, I'll try my best! :D

    User Title
  • JorisCeoen avatar
    JorisCeoen avatar Offline
    3,244 points Ranked 1118th
    • Report icon
    2 years ago:

    Posted by will2k

    • Long post

    Yea this pretty much sums it up. No one is gonna even notice the fading away, since that's not what players are mainly concerned about. I would love to play the map with all of these things improved, it would make it a perfect map!

    JorisCeoen avatar
    User Title
  • will2k avatar
    will2k avatar Offline
    21,459 points Ranked 185th
    will2k avatar
    Map Critic
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    2 years ago:


    • Allow me first to congratulate you on this map and for the competition win; well deserved. And since the contest is over, I can now review the map in order to help you make it more perfect and impressive.
    • The map is a true winter wonderland: I found myself gazing in awe at the scenery for 5 minutes the first time I loaded it.
    • Impressive overall design and it shows in the brushwork and the meticulous displacement work especially the road and its surroundings.
    • Very good attention to details across the map: props placement, decals,…
    • Good use of soundscapes and particles.
    • The cable car ride is worth every penny. The fact that you improved the jump platform on T spawn makes it even more enjoyable.
    • The custom content gives the map a distinctive feel especially the skybox trees and the big Christmas tree inside.
    • The 3D skybox is also impressive giving the impression that you are really in a mountain top lodge. The ambient lighting certainly helped in conveying the feeling of winter wonderland.
    • Clever flanking ideas (chimney, vents, side roof window)
    • Nicely done radar and loading screen.


    • There was a drop in fps especially in front of the house. I'll give you a detailed workaround in the improvements section.
    • Bombsite B has only one narrow exit and this can prove frustrating after planting the bomb and wanting to escape as terrorist.
    • Some snow flakes were visible inside the house.
    • The same soundscape is playing indoors and outdoors.
    • Bots get confused on the nav mesh; one moment they are stuck in the same place, suddenly you see them roaming the house out of nowhere.
    • Custom content not packed inside the BSP.


    • Optimization will be the area that can be improved a lot to make the map even more enjoyable. All my investigative work was done in-game using my trusted toolset of console commands. I will sum my findings in the points below and hopefully we can shoot for a 25-50% increase in fps.
    • Being a very open-ended map, hints and occluders can be used to improve FPS but I don't see noticeable benefits yielded from their usage; areaportals should be a better weapon in this case. Using r_drawportals 1, I noticed many areaportals were missing especially on windows. I also did not notice any fade effect when checking the windows from far away which implies that you used regular func_areaportals. I highly suggest to use func_areaportalwindow on all windows to get the most benefit of them. You can use de_safehouse as a reference. A white/grey brush linked to the func_areaportalwindow should give best visual results of fading before cutting the visibility behind it.
    • You have many doors that open/close in the house but you used open state areaportals as evidenced by the double green rectangles when using r_drawportals 1. You need to change the state to "closed" on all these doors to prevent the engine from rendering the content behind them once they are closed. (you will notice a single green rectangle when the door is closed hinting that the areaportal is fully closed greatly cutting visibility and improving fps)
    • You need to add areaportals on all internal open doorways as many of them didn't have them. You also need to implement horizontal areaportals the delimit upstairs from downstairs areas (in stairs area and in the room of the big Christmas tree)
    • Using mat_wireframe 1, I noticed that the props are not fading from a distance which is an fps killer in your case of open map. You need to implement fade distances on all props especially the big trees (the front ones can't be seen once behind the house but are still rendered and vice-versa) and the props inside the house.
    • The inside stairs base is a regular brush (was still visible after hiding func_detail, displacements, props and brush entities using console commands) and needs to be switched to func_detail to avoid extra diagonal visleaves (as is the case now). The outside chimney should also be switched to func_detail.
    • You forgot 1 small wooden support beam on the front porch entrance as regular world brush (near the garage opening). It is unnecessarily cutting your visleaves.
    • You need to add clip brushes on rails/stair rails and doorway frames as players get stuck on these.
    • For bombsite B, it would be better to change at least one of the windows to larger size to enable players to exit through it for better gameplay flow. The current small windows do not allow player passage.
    • You may want to change the indoor soundscapes to something different than the outdoors.
    • Custom content packed into the bsp should prove easier for users and servers alike.


    • Let me again congratulate you on this impressive map that you created in the relatively short time allowed in the contest; I enjoyed playing and testing it.
    • My reviews are usually proportional to the amount by which I liked and enjoyed the map. Looking at the length of this review, it seems I liked the map quite a bunch :)
    • Don't freak out from this review as my only intention is to make this already impressive map even more impressive and nearing perfection.
    • Keep up the good work and best of luck for future projects and contests
    cosa dici! avatar
    User Title
    cosa dici!
  • ditt0 avatar
    ditt0 Offline
    100 points Ranked 21055th
    • Report icon
    2 years ago:

    Good job man!

    We'll test it again today.

  • UNREA1 avatar
    UNREA1 avatar Offline
    36,871 points Ranked 103rd
    • Report icon
    2 years ago:

    Posted by charli nice update only problem soundscape its the same everywhere, and i have snow here *image*

    I guess that's a problem with the actual game, sometimes you may get some snow when you get too close to the triggers outside, even if you're not touching them...

    User Title
  • charli avatar
    charli Offline
    3,357 points Ranked 1086th
    • Report icon
    2 years ago:

    nice update only problem soundscape its the same everywhere, and i have snow here

    Maps Prefabs Particle
  • UNREA1 avatar
    UNREA1 avatar Offline
    36,871 points Ranked 103rd
    • Report icon
    2 years ago:

    Posted by VEC_Avo Your map seems awesome, I'll test it soon for our server. Just a question for now. Why is it categorize in Demolition ? I see 2 bombsites on screenshots. So I assume it must be a Bomb/Defuse map, am I right ?

    My mistake, thank you for the heads up!

    User Title


1st Place!

Winter Wonderland Contest

The amount of work that went into this submission is simply amazing and it shows through brushwork, displacements, skybox, lighting, custom assets, layout. This map (along with couple other submissions) truly captured the essence of the competition theme: it’s obviously a snowy winter landscape but at the same time, it’s a wonderland where you have to stand there for couple of minutes to admire the winter scenery in awe. Prize: $100 cash + Ripe1


Key Authors
Modeling & Radar / Loading screen
Dr. Spud
Dr. Spud Offline
48,193 points Ranked 74th
Modeling trees
Mr. Kit
Modeling xmas props
Dean Martin
Letting it Snow!
Special Thanks
I-Iybr1d avatar
I-Iybr1d avatar Offline
842 points Ranked 4324th
Testing & Feedback
Rybur Offline
101 points Ranked 20922nd
Testing & Feedback
rato94 Offline
108 points Ranked 20047th
RUSH Community
Multiplayer testing


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