CD_Barn [Chicken Defusal Example]

CHICKEN DEFUSAL IS FINALLY LIVE The mode inspired by the CS:GO cartoon trailer created by Flashdeck animations, is now available in map format! The mode was entirely built on entities and months after the first showcase video, here it is! Initially it was projected to be a SourceMod plugin, but I made it into a map for the lack of scripters interested. There are no downsides about this, you can still play Chicken Defusal on the -now dustier- de_dust2, or cs_italy if you'd like, just some mapper will have to recompile the desired map and apply the Chicken Defusal prefab (coming soon).
The first CS:GO chicken defusal map is here!


This specific map was created in just a few days, maybe 2-3 days total, just to see how the mode would play. After testing with some friends for a few hours, I managed to balance and optimize the map/mode for ideally 5v5, although it should handle 10v10 or even higher.

I did not put too much work into the map itself, just enough worthy of being the very first Chicken Defusal custom map.

Along with the BSP file, will come a KV file indicating what skins are used, a CFG file, which will run all necessary configuration commands you need to play the map. If you launch the map from the WorkShop tab the process will be fully automatic, if you installed your map manually, you'll have to use the following command on console: map "cd_barn" "custom"

How it plays
Counter-terrorists goal: Defuse the bomb on the chickens back or provide cover to your team mate defusing it!
Terrorists goal: Keep the counter-terrorists away from the chicken, the bomb explodes after a 2min period!
Round mechanics: - 16000 Starting money - Respawn waves - Moving bomb With this first release I hope to gather as much feedback as possible on the mode mainly. Feel free to suggest changes to the gameplay mechanics, I'd like to make the mode as enjoyable as I possibly can. Thanks for your time, please comment & rate!
Showcase video created by I-Iybrid
[CD_Barn on the Steam Workshop]( "CD_Barn [Chicken Defusal Example]") (Quicker installation + Auto updated)
Download 7 mb

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  • Max (von A) avatar
    Max (von A) avatar Offline
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    2 years ago:


    • The bots no defusing the chicken.

    • The chicken, while being defusing, escapes to 7 seconds, but is still defusing, as if beneath our.

    • It is easy to turn off the chicken once we started off, you should think of any possibility of making the chicken would have to go around to keep quiet escape and off.

    For the rest is fun, but you should fix those bugs and make more maps, not just stay with one example.

    Congratulations, still "polishing" this new mod =D

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    Level Designer
  • charli avatar
    charli Offline
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    2 years ago:

    nice i like this Chicken Defus mode =)

    Maps Prefabs Particle
  • mat.duf avatar
    mat.duf Offline
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    2 years ago:

    Very nice.

    Something you can try if you have time is to create an admin room to set the timer for the explosion and save the state with an env_global. (If you can't add it try to add

    @PointClass base(EnvGlobal) size(-8 -8 -8, 8 8 8) = env_global : 
    "An entity to control a game-specific global states."
        globalstate(choices) : "Global State to Set" =
            "gordon_precriminal" : "Gordon pre-criminal" 
            "antlion_allied" : "Antlions are player allies" 
            //"player_stealth" : "Player in APC is disguised as combine" 
            "suit_no_sprint" : "Suit sprint function not yet enabled" 
            "super_phys_gun" : "Super phys gun is enabled" 
            "friendly_encounter" : "Friendly encounter sequence (lower weapons, etc.)"
            //"citizens_passive" : "Citizens are *not* player allies (cannot be commanded)"
            "gordon_invulnerable" : "Gordon is invulnerable"
            "no_seagulls_on_jeep" : "Don't spawn seagulls on the jeep"
            "ep2_alyx_injured" : "Episode 2: Alyx injured"
            "ep_alyx_darknessmode" : "Episodic: Alyx darkness mode"
            "hunters_to_run_over" : "Ep2 Counter: Hunters to run over before they dodge"

    to your .fgd

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  • Mr Dragon avatar
    Mr Dragon Offline
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    2 years ago:


  • Dr.iCe avatar
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    Level Design Expert
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    2 years ago:

    give me the prefab and I'll make a small map :)
    need some variation from the contest map, to keep the mind fresh

    Common sense is not so common
  • sToP ! avatar
    sToP ! Offline
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    2 years ago:

    haha flashdeck animations

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    sToP !
  • Matr!X7689 avatar
    Matr!X7689 Offline
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    2 years ago:

    Simply Unique!

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  • JorisCeoen avatar
    JorisCeoen Offline
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    2 years ago:

    I will try to make a map for this when the prefab comes out ;) Thanks for this awsome 'mod'!

  • UNREA1 avatar
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    2 years ago:

    Posted by Eugene

    Posted by Squeezit I think this really needs a feature :D

    Summon Eugene


    Ho thanks! <3

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    Teh Snake
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    2 years ago:


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    That guy


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