Firing Range

Happy new year! This is my first map for GO! it's remake of Black Ops - Firing range. Credits for black ops mapper/mappers!! This map has same overlay with few tweaks and changes. This project took about 2 weeks hard work from start to finish and lots of testing and i'm so happy to get this finally released!

Map is DEFUSE map but i recommend to play as deathmatch, arms race or somethin similar.

Map works with bots and has deathmatch spawns set so with random spawning it works like a charm! :)

Hope you guys like it and have lots of fun playing it! :) Subscribe vote and leave me a comment bellow! :)


Download 6 mb

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    1 year ago:

    If this is your first map, then you did a good job and you’re on the right path.

    The map is nicely laid with harmonious and proportionate brushwork, warm and adequate lighting as well as a fitting nature soundscape to keep things alive.

    You also did a good job in func_detailing most of your detail brushwork and nodrawing most of the unseen faces.

    I will list the issues that you need to take care of in order to improve this map and gain experience along the way.

    Reflective surfaces are reflecting the Vertigo skybox and props are glowing white-ish in dark spots. This means that you either forgot to add cubemaps or you forgot to build them.

    There are additional faces that need to be nodrawed to further improve fps mainly the outer wall of the docks near CT spawn.

    You need to implement fade distance optimization on all small props that can’t be noticed from a distance (light bulbs, computers, small foliage, electrical boxes…)

    It’s better to disable shadows on those big trees (from Aztec) as the dark shadow patch underneath looks unrealistic. Another option is to compile with –staticproppolys –staticproplighting –textureshadows in advanced vrad.

    You have 2 floating trees to the left of CT spawn; they need to touch the ground.

    The map could benefit from adding areaportals on doors/windows of the buildings that are regular world brushes, to separate indoors from outdoors, reduce visibility and increase fps.

    Some static props in the map (couple of trees and shrubs) are set as dynamic for some reason (they were still visible after hiding static props in-game). This is totally not needed as dynamic props are more taxing on the engine, fps wise. Switch these back to static props. An env_wind entity should take care of swaying the prop_static trees branches without the need for dynamic props.

    Nice job for a first map; keep up the good work and keep practicing to improve.

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black ops
black ops
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