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*.dds image not showing up

By Deh0lise 2 years ago

Hello everyone,

  • I am doing the radar for my wip and I am stuck with radar. I've been able to do a radar before in CSS but somehow I can't get it with CSGO, it is not shown ingame.
  • I took the screenshot and noted the position reference. I have also edited the image (10242 crop) and saved it with Photoshop CS5 (and CS6) as .dds file (dxt5 option).
  • The map is called "de_rust_b1.bsp", the radar "de_rust_b1_radar.dds", and the position file de_rust_b1.txt.
  • .dds and .txt are placed in "..\csgo\resource\overviews".
  • Here it is the "de_rust_b1.txt":

    "de_rust_b1" { "material" "overviews/de_rust_b1" "pos_x" "-2870" "pos_y" "2927" "scale" "3.6" }

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    2 years ago:

    EDIT: It worked for me recompiling the map but it might have been an issue refreshing materials. Will2k just PMed me when I closed the thread advising me compiling was not necessary.

    Somehow CSGO didn't refresh my radar with commands or restarting. With a test I've done now it seems restarting does actualize radar but using mat_reloadallmaterials does not.

    Here it is the message from Will2k: " You do not need to recompile after you make the radar. You just take the screenshot, crop it to 1024x1024, clean it up, add an alpha channel and save as DDS (DXT5). You just put this dds with _radar in the name in csgo\resource\overviews along with the txt file, and the map will load it fine."

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