CSStrat - CS:GO v2

CS:GO Overviews for CSStrat

//--------------------------------- // About //---------------------------------

This pack contains the CSStrat installer (grab it elsewhere if you'd like) as well as overviews for all of the SE maps and several other competitive maps. All I have done is converted the radar files from the resources folder and resized them down to work with CSStrat.

These files will allow you to use CSStrat to create strategies for CS:GO like you are for 1.6 and CS:S.

SCAN: https://www.virustotal.com/file/5296e455690cb43b14239cd7730f2ee4818d6b5d650cd986a399d22e1069ed7b/analysis/1356305190/

//--------------------------------- // Install //---------------------------------

  1. Extract the contents of this zip to your desktop or some other folder
  2. Open up your CSStrat folder eg. C:\Program Files (x86)\CSStrat
  3. Go in to the Overviews folder
  4. Paste the files from this zip in to the Overviews folder NOTE: WITH THE CURRENT FILE NAMES IT WILL OVERWRITE THE 1.6 MAP OVERVIEWS

//--------------------------------- // Usage //---------------------------------

  1. Start up CSStrat
  2. Go to File > New
  3. Click the CS 1.6 radio button
  4. Pick your map
  5. Create your strategy

//--------------------------------- // FAQ //---------------------------------

Q: Some of the maps aren't showing up in CSStrat, what's going on?

A: For some reason CSStrat sometimes doesn't pick up maps with a second underscore in, what I recommend doing is removing the second underscore like so - de_nuke_ve to de_nukeve


Q: Why have you added in non-competitive maps?

A: I added them in for the sake of not having people ask for them later.

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  • Kamilius's Levels
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    1 year ago:

    Guys, can somebody tell me how to create custom *.src files for CSSTRAT? I want to use it for some specific maps, but can't simply open those files.

  • arcovitcher's Levels
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    1 year ago:


    User Title
    I'm from China,nice to see you
  • broodplank's Levels
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      Account Age: 3 years
    2 years ago:

    Thanks for this, I was almost going to make it myself :) thanks!



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eNzy (Creator/Co-creator)
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